Which Channel Are You Watching?

Which Channel Are You Watching?

We can view life in any number of ways. We can see it as a comedy, a horror movie, or an entertaining drama!  Depending on the channel we choose, we are entertained, horrified or saddened.

Every situation is perceived according to our mood. One can laugh at it, get annoyed or upset, become serious or even inquisitive. Isn’t it up to us? Actually, we get to choose the channel, but so often we forget that we have the power to do so.

Knowing that we hold the remote control of our life can be a great relief, because it means that if we are not happy with our drama, then we can just change the channel!  We can turn doom and gloom into lightness and humour with the flick of an internal switch.  We don’t have to stay stuck in that particular screen of life; there are many other channels to choose from!

We may find it hard to believe, but we have it within us to change a difficult situation into one that is easy and light if we so choose.  Or, is it that we like to indulge too much in the soap opera of life, with its ups and downs, thrills and spills! Some people are natural at creating dramas in their life, they just love making mountains out of molehills. They thrive on excitement and the rush of adrenaline. But remember that what goes up, must come down!

Make a decision to only watch the positive, or the humour or educational channels of life!  And this really can be done as easily as pressing the button on the remote. With a switch of a thought you can change how you view and how you feel about any situation.  You can also decide to turn the volume down on the noise of your waste thoughts about a situation.

It is a fact that patients have healed themselves of illness through watching comedy movies. Laughter creates endorphins which rejuvenate and restore the cells of the body. And on the other hand, watching horror and terror on the screen can actually create stress and spasms in our muscles. So, does this also not hold true for our real life scenarios? Situations and circumstances will come and go. Some will be pleasant and others not so pleasant. How we respond to them will dramatically affect our wellbeing. Learning to look at the lighter side of life has to be the best gift we can give to our mind n body.

As soon as you feel yourself becoming tense and heated about a person or event, just say to yourself; how silly all of this is! Learn to laugh at the puppet show! Because each one (puppet) is being driven by the strings of their emotions. It’s very easy to get caught up in the puppet show, but it’s much more enjoyable to observe from a distance.

It’s time… to only select the positive channels in the TV of your life.  Know that you are in charge of the buttons and have the power to turn around the gloom and doom. With the switch of one thought you can change how you feel. Keep hold of the remote and  you will always have the  power in your hands!

I would like to take a moment this week to extend a special thanks to my spiritual sister and editor, Carol Lipthorpe, who also dedicates her precious time to polishing these articles!  Bless YOU!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London





Sleep Well

Sleep Well


With the advent of the light bulb, we have turned night into day, and day into night. Although this may have done a lot for our productivity, it has deprived us of our pillow! With so many things to cram into our busy day, sleep is often the first thing to be sacrificed, but we may be losing more than we bargained for.

Did you know that sleep deprivation is as serious and can be as damaging as drunk driving? Just the other day a friend’s vehicle was hit by a car in London at 7am; three cars were involved and two were write-offs! My friend later learned that the driver who caused the accident had fallen asleep at the wheel, he was returning from a night shift.

If we would prioritize our needs and plan sleep into our day we would be a more pleasant person to be around. Sleep deprived people are mostly groggy, irritable, and sensitive. If you think you can survive on a few hours of sleep a day, think again. If you find yourself losing your memory and concentration, falling asleep in meetings, falling asleep watching TV or whilst meditating, then you would be classified as ‘sleep deprived’.

‘Sleep deprived’ means we are not getting as much sleep as we need to function well. This of course differs from person to person. We all have a sleep account and if we are not fulfilling it, and instead adding to the overdraft, then we will pay for it in other ways such as through ill health etc.

We also have an internal 24 hour sleep-wake cycle. At night, our body responds to the loss of day light by producing melatonin, a hormone that makes us sleepy.  During the day, sunlight triggers the brain to inhibit melatonin production so we feel awake and alert.  As we disrupt these cycles with different work shifts, late nights, or disturbed sleep, we mess up these cycles and thus deprive ourselves of the proper sleep we need.  It would be wise to heed to the famous adage: early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise!

There is a lot to understand about sleep. For example, you can familiarize yourself with sleep cycles and the different stages of sleep, which include REM and Non REM, and the number of hours of sleep one needs as one ages.  Yet the most important would be to understand why we need sleep.

During the stage of deep sleep, the body repairs itself and builds up energy for the day ahead.  It plays a major role in maintaining our health, stimulating growth and development, repairing muscles and tissues, and boosting our immunity.

If we do not get adequate, good quality sleep, our meditation will suffer.  We could be sitting in the right posture and with the right intention yet if the mind is dull, we will deprive ourselves the beautiful experiences that meditation is waiting to offer.

garfield 2

It is then that people become disheartened and give up hope in achieving a good stage of meditation.  It is not the fault of the meditation, rather it is other things that are not allowing a person to focus and concentrate.

The quality of our thoughts also seriously affect the quality of our sleep.  If we are negative and create many waste thoughts, then of course we will not have quality, sound sleep in which the body and mind can rejuvenate.

Our food also affects our sleep.  Have you noticed that when animals eat meat, they sleep for hours!  They need to invest all of their energy to digesting the meat.   A diet that consists of nuts, seeds and pulses would be easier to digest, thus allowing more energy for renewal of the body.

Learning to simplify our lives will reduce unnecessary actions leaving ample room for good sleep. Live simply and de-clutter your life, and then see how much additional time you have on your hands.

Raja Yoga is just as much about mastering our sleeping time as much as it is our waking time. As we learn to master our thoughts… we get better sleep and are more at peace in life.

It’s time… to improve the quality of our lives by improving the quality of our sleep. Sleep right, Sleep tight!




Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

It makes good business sense to mind our own ‘business’, rather than to constantly keep an eye on what our neighbours are doing!

‘Business’ here is not a reference to managing our shops, but rather to managing our own life events. Minding our own business means to keep our eyes, mind and attention on our own drama, rather than to poke around in someone else’s. Moseying or noseying in other people’s business does not serve us in the least. When our mind is distracted from our own goal and purpose, then we will never reach where we want to be in our lives. When we focus on what others are doing then we don’t attain, we just continue to complain!

Sometimes it’s easier to look at others and point the finger or offer ‘well meaning’ advice, simply because our own life isn’t going that well.

Mind-When we complain

We act as experts on others’ lives offering advice on all manner of things that really are none of our business. And what we often fail to see… is that what we are attempting to fix in other people’s dramas… is the exact same thing that we need to fix in our own!

How often do we look at (and perhaps comment on) others’ defects when we should be looking at our own shortcomings?  We talk about others and what they are doing, when we should be assessing our own life path. We advise others on anything from the colour of their hair to their love lives and everything in between without a moment’s thought about whether they actually value, need, or even want our advice. Unsolicited advice doesn’t usually go down very well, and the one at the receiving end can often feel irritated, annoyed, or even bullied, and yet we persist in the illusion that we know best.

And isn’t it an interesting phenomenon that we often find other people’s stories more fascinating than our own? What is the difference between following a soap serial on TV or following your family and friends dramas in real life? The answer is probably very little.

Mind-Unsolicited Advice

Maybe it is because we are unable to find satisfaction and contentment in our own lives that we feel compelled to add more spice and drama by stealing excitement from others.

By interfering in other people’s business, we may be doing more damage than good. As we interfere in their script we are becoming directors of their roles.  We must realise that we cannot change anyone, nor force others to do anything. It would be futile to even try. As we try to change them, we may be incapacitating their spiritual and psychological growth as well as denying ourselves the beauty of seeing their real worth and value in our lives. Karmicly this would also not be a wise move!

Mind-Inspire them

If we truly want to help people in their lives, then we should learn to inspire and support them, not perspire to enforce them!

Learning to stay quiet, to stay emotionally detached, and to observe without judgment are a few of the practices we can implement if we want to enjoy life, win friends and most important of all, comfort others in a sincere and beneficial way.

Mind-stay quiet

As we focus on and take care of our own internal business, as we get our own house in order, then we will feel less inclined to look around to see what others are doing.

When we realise that we too are not perfect and capable of making mistakes, then we will begin to be more accepting, forgiving, compassionate and understanding.

It’s time… to mind our own business first. When we gain wisdom from life experience and self-reflection, when we have put our own house in order, then we will not feel the need to give advice to others. They will be so inspired that they will approach us!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London


Live with ‘THE END’ in Mind

Live with ‘THE END’ in Mind

We are born out of silence and it is into silence we shall return
We came alone and we shall go alone
We came empty-handed and shall leave empty handed

In between we get to experience…
Laughter and tears
Gladness and sadness
Victory and defeat
It is our choice!

Budha In the end

If only we could remember that all we run after in this material life will be left behind when we leave this body, then perhaps we might spend less time chasing after it!  If this little nugget of truth remained in our awareness it would relieve us of a lot of headache and heartache!

We will all die one day and at that point no-one will worry about how much we have in our bank account!  Well, the children might – but it’s not an immediate question that comes to the mind of most.  We more often query whether the deceased were healthy and happy, or disappointed with life.  When we talk about someone having a ‘good life’ we are most often referring to the account of the soul!

But why should we leave it until so late to question the quality of life?  Instead it would be wise to face a few questions now, so we may take stock, and set the compass of our life to arrive in time at our desired destination in the manner we would wish to!

How would you want to die at the end – most people would prefer a quick and ‘happy’ departure rather than a long drawn out death.  By choice of our thoughts and deeds, our desires and our beliefs, we can even determine this in advance.  The sages in India claim to be able to leave the body (die) at will and their choosing.  We really do have the power to influence how we ’leave’ at the end.Budha guru

What would you like people to say about you at your funeral or on your gravestone?  This is an interesting exercise to do with yourself.  Sit down and write down your own epitaph and then check if it’s just wishful thinking on your part, or whether it could be a reality.  Will people be glad or sad that you are no longer here?

We know that when we leave we take nothing physical with us, but what we will take is what we have accumulated in our spiritual bank account.  Good deeds leave positive and empowering imprints on the soul.  Good deeds strengthen our will to do even more good no matter when and to where we may go.

Budha small things

Things noticed by God and by people are not necessarily the big things, but sometimes the smallest acts of humanity and thoughtfulness.  A person I met in China recently realised that one girl whom she remembered from 17 years before in London happened to be my sister.  What had remained uppermost in her mind about the encounter after all that time was the fact that my sister had made her a sandwich for her journey home.  I am sure many great things happened for her in London, but what did she remember?  The small act of kindness!  A sandwich!

Every minute is flying by, do not waste it.  Time cannot be recycled like water can.  Every breath that passes will not come back.  If we have done all that we wanted to, then we can say with our hands on our hearts that we did our best!  If we deviated from truth or wasted our life and resources then we will have to settle the ‘bill’ later and we will have only ourselves to blame for that.

Budha NOW

Live in the moment, live now, do not postpone life for later.  Do what you want to do, today!  And what you want to do today, do it now!  There is no time like the present.  Postponing change will only instill the habit of procrastination; it will not bring about the desired change.  Act on your good thoughts immediately, do not hesitate, and then see how life rewards you.

We have to live life to the full and give all that we can now so that the soul leaves with blessings and not bad feelings.  Blessings, those heartfelt thanks, are the wings with which the soul flies onto its next destination, the curses are the load that won’t allow the soul to ‘move on’.

It’s Time… to enjoy a good and full life by living every moment, and claiming as many blessings from others while we are still alive.  Then not only will our life be good – but our death will also!


Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London


Back to Nature

Back to Nature

We work so hard to be able to afford luxury goods, only to find out after our ‘enlightenment’ that nature’s gifts have longer lasting and better health benefits than our expensive accessories!

smiley glassesTake sunglasses for example. People pay sky-high prices for designer glasses to look beautiful and bolder! Yet, wearing sunglasses and staying out of the sun all of the time may actually be a reason for some of our health problems. Although some caution is required, studies prove that it’s vitally important to take in natural sunlight for the health of the eyes and for Vitamin D through the skin. Ancient Chinese and Vedic practitioners have known about the sun and its power to heal, rejuvenate and prolong life for centuries. Yet we sophisticated modern day humans think we know better!

Smiley Indian


We invest in expensive training shoes every year. The price shoots higher and higher for the best, most powerful, most bouncy and lightest trainers. Yet walking bare-footed on the earth has recently been hailed as the greatest health-enhancing discovery of the decade. In fact our predecessors never walked in Jimmy Choo or Lacoste shoes! Walking on grass (especially in early mornings when the dew is still present) gets you in touch with the beneficial magnetic fields of the earth. Our feet have pressure points corresponding to the organs in the body. As we press on these by walking barefoot, we gently stimulate those organs activating good health. So our ancestors were reaping this health benefit long before it was ‘remembered’ in modern times.

smiley and trainersTalking of trainers, we also spend extravagantly on designer labels when it comes to sportswear! Natural white cotton was always the preferred clothing; yet modern technology claims spandex and Lycra serve us better. Nylon and polyester just fill the landmines when we are finished with them, and do not allow our bodies to breathe. Good quality cotton clothing, simple and white, is still the best investment.

In Kuwait, despite it being 50 degrees centigrade outside, it’s often very cold – indoors! Air conditioning keeps us cool from the scorching heat and our bodies can never adjust to the natural heat of the outdoors. So we are constantly switching from 50 degrees outside to 21 degrees inside. Although AC may be comfortable, it can’t be good for our health, creating an unnatural environment, harboring germs and aggravating skin disorders. In days gone by, buildings were cleverly constructed so that there was a natural air flow.Smiley sweating

‘Natural’ food is automatically organic… and yet these days we are obliged to pay over the odds for something that comes with a label certifying that it is free from GM, pesticides, fungicides and hormones… all of which we did not ask for in the first place!

Smiley GMOIt seems that, in the name of technical advancement, the world has reached the extreme in artificiality and in-authenticity. It’s not just what we wear and consume, it’s also the attitudes we adopt and the way we see and portray ourselves in the world. We have moved away from respecting and appreciating Mother Nature, and also from appreciating our own true nature.

What is natural is true and real… and also free. It is the time now to become sensible once again, time to return to what is natural. This means living in harmony with nature, and also living our true nature, free, and in peace with ourselves and others.

smiley claping

Thankfully there are more and more people in the world each year who decide to ignore the consumer hype, grow their own food, seek out pure spring water, build their own eco-friendly and healthy ‘mud huts’ and run barefoot in the park. There are also many people seeking self real-isation through practices such as meditation.

It’s Time… to return to our natural nature of peace, truth and love. When we connect with the real-ity of who we are, then we see the artificial for what it is… then we no longer need to buy into the illusion that we need anything more than we already have.

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London


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