Amrit Vela – Time of Nectar

Amrit Vela – Time of Nectar


Amrit Vela is commonly known as early morning meditation. ‘How early’, you may ask… to be precise, at 4am! What is so appealing to yogis about this unearthly hour? Well, ‘Amrit’ means nectar while ‘Vela’ means time or moment.  As one sits in meditation and in contemplation of God, one is able to taste the nectar, the sweetness, of this divine relationship and take sustenance to empower the self. It is a very special, silent and personal time with the Almighty that is much more difficult to recreate once the world begins its busy, noisy day. It is the only time to take real power from God.

Sikhs believe that the day is divided into 8 parts or 8 ‘pehrs’ of three hours each, and the time between 3am and 6am is the highest energy.  Buddhists also have an early morning meditation ritual.  In Islam the first prayer of the day, ‘Fajr’, is also before sunrise. Hindus too believe in the ‘Brahma Muhurta’, time of God, which occurs exactly for the first 48 minutes, of the one hour and thirty-six minutes before sunrise everyday.  This is a time, they say, that is conducive to learning and mastering the scriptures, music and any other art form. There is also a widely held belief that the early morning hours are the time when the gods or angels are encircling the world. They are ready and waiting to bestow blessings… but only to those who are awake! Which gives rise to the saying: if you snooze, you lose!


The benefits of Amrit Vela are endless, and the practice is not as difficult as some may think. Yet some people’s immediate response when asked to try out this daily practice is one of shock and panic, especially those who go to bed at this hour! In response, I would say, try it and give it a chance.  Don’t look to see what you losing, but look to see what you are gaining! Losing an hour or two of sleep is really nothing, compared to the power, confidence and spiritual stamina you will gain from awakening early and absorbing this early morning spiritual energy. The feeling for me is one of intricately fine tuning myself to God’s vibration, which in turns enables me to fine tune to the world, so that I can begin to know exactly what to think, say and do.

I personally have been waking up at 4am everyday since 1983 and I thoroughly love it. I have never got bored with it. It’s a discipline I took up early on, and it has been a part of my life ever since then – it is just not negotiable. If due to sickness or travel I miss this early morning appointment, then there is definitely the feeling of having missed something important, like missing an important dose of powerful medicine! Of course in the beginning it is easier when you are practicing with others, but after a while when you get the hang of it, and are enjoying it, then sitting alone is also bliss.

Madhuban Dome

Of course it does help to go to bed early, and to go to sleep with the right type of thoughts: peaceful and positive, in remembrance of the true nature of the self and God. Going to bed at 2 or 3am is not ideal. In truth, one really needs to ask oneself the question; what is the real benefit of the late night entertainment, when perhaps it could be replaced with the early morning one! Late nights mostly drain you and give you hangovers, the morning one will recharge and revitalise you. Amrit Vela, is the only true time to fill up high quality fuel in the soul, for the rest of the day you will not pass such a ‘petrol pump’ no matter how powerful your meditation is.

So what do you do once you have managed to wake up and get out of bed?  Wash your face, and have coffee or tea if you feel you need it to stay awake.  Then set a dim light and sit to meditate in your favorite place.  Open a window for fresh air and fill your lungs with the morning ozone. Light a candle if you wish, but remember that that is simply a pale reflection of the light that is inside of you, the sparkling light sitting in the centre of your forehead.

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Amrit Vela is normally a time to bathe in the blissful experience of God, and our higher self. A time to quieten the mind and to keep the thoughts calm and still. Sit and absorb his love, energy and pure vibrations. It is not really a time to think of mundane matters such as work, or to try to resolve the inner and outer conflicts that may be ongoing; reserve those issues for your later meditations. In fact, as one fills oneself with power at this most auspicious time, one is able to gain the inner strength to overcome many of the obstacles that arise in one’s life.

It’s Time… to wake up in the early morning hours and to fill up from the Supreme Source of love and light. Enjoy the sweet taste of Amrit Vela and awaken not only the body, but also the soul!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London



My ‘AHA’ Moment!

My ‘AHA’ moment!

Time and experience have taught me that unless I understand an issue at all its levels, I cannot bring about a substantial transformation in my life. Understanding is the key to self-transformation and self-management, happiness, peace and a life filled with wisdom, because only through deep understanding can I have REAL-isation of the real issue.

understanding.jpgRemember those times when you realised how something works? For example, using a kitchen appliance for the first time: It looks and sounds so complicated as you read through the instructions in the manual. However, that ‘AHA’ moment comes as soon as someone shows you, or you realise how it works. That’s when the age old phrase, ‘It’s easy when you know how’ makes total sense!

Kitchen gadgets are one thing, however deep and lasting internal change at a spiritual level cannot just come from an intellectual understanding, but has to come from the depth of the heart.  The head can rationalize, but the feeling deep inside that something is, or is not right, is usually the more accurate guide. Deep change can only occur when we feel the need to change from inside out and not outside in.

For example, everyone knows that smoking kills. Every time someone buys a pack of cigarettes it says so very clearly on it. There is a story of a man who continued to smoke even though his doctor was telling him it would kill him. What made him give up smoking was the desperate appeal from his small daughter, who said, ‘Daddy, I don’t want you to die’. The plea had touched his heart, where logic could not.

Another example is that we stay stuck in toxic relationships, never admitting the pain we are causing to ourselves. We stay there because our lack of self-worth tells us it’s better to belong than to be alone, even if it’s painful. But it is only when our internal sense of self-respect gives us the feeling that I deserve better, can things then start to change. I realize the pain I am causing to myself, and I decide to change the rules of the game.


When I understand the sorrow and pain that my attachment, anger, greed, lust or any other negative traits cause, not only to my own soul, but to those around me then I can care enough to make a change. But if someone advised me, informed me, lectured me on any self-management topic, still, at the end, I would have to feel the need to change myself before anything would happen.

In order to understand, to realize, to change and to grow, there needs to be a willingness to learn, seek and explore. If we stay stuck in our ways, our ‘horizon’ never expands, and we never get to see a different view.

A good example is travel. As we travel the world, we see how different cultures function, all doing things differently. For example; in Canada pedestrians have the right of way whilst in India, forget it, make your own way! So who is right and who is wrong? We go to China and we are able to understand why the Chinese use wooden sticks while the English use knives and forks. It would be wrong to sit in England and say wooden sticks are not the way, when 1 billion people use them! All are right and all live quite happily in the world.

The point is, as I observe the world around me, I can sense that mine is not the only way. I need to be able to understand the other, their traditions and ways of being. I could try having an eye for discovery and not judgment. If I decide that something is ‘wrong’ then it always will be wrong – but in my own eyes only! And then I will never even try to understand. Recognition, realization and harmony will always be out of my reach.

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Applying spiritual knowledge to our life enables us to see things from a holistic perspective. Actually there are no absolutes, there is no wrong or right, good or bad, there is only judgment, limiting beliefs and narrow viewpoints. When we let go of these and allow the heart to be open and accepting, then we will say ‘Aha, now I understand!’ And anything will become possible!

It’s time… to embrace change by taking in the ‘AHA’ moments of life!





To Push or to Pull?

To Push or to Pull?

Push or Pull

Many times in life we struggle to make things happen, and yet at other times things just seems to flow with ease. We may find sometimes that gifts just come to us ‘out of the blue’ or fortunate events happen to us without us even asking or expecting them. Stop to ask yourself: when in life do you ‘push’ to make things happen and when do you actually ‘pull’, that is, attract them towards yourself?

There is a subtle difference but it’s a significant one. When I push to make things happen, it can be hard, even a struggle, and difficult and tedious at times. On the other hand, to pull means to sit in your ‘seat’ and to use the power of thought to manifest that which you want and need.

We all know that one cannot push away darkness: Instead we simply put on the light. In the same way, instead of trying to get rid of anger, pull peace in your life. Instead of trying to remove the negative people from your life, pull the positive ones. Instead of saying you are tired of being poor, pull wealth in your direction.  You get the drift!

When moving objects around, they say pushing is easier than pulling.  But in the spiritual realm, pulling is easier and much more an overall pleasant experience.

Of course there will be a time and a place when we actually need to do something practically.  A little bit like the joke when a person says to God, ‘please help me win the lottery…’, and God replies, ‘Child… at least buy the lottery ticket first!’

When I push too hard for things, I may even be asking for something that will not be in my favour!  What I am asking for may come to pass, but it won’t be quite what I expected.  Such as in the case of picking fruit too early from the tree.  I can have it, but it will not be ripe and the taste will not be as sweet as when I let it mature and fall off in its own time. It is a much more ‘royal’ approach to allow things come to you rather than to work like a donkey to make them happen!

Over time we have become too accustomed to using our hands and feet to run around in order to make things happen.  Believe it or not, there was a time and place when we used thought power to make things happen.  As the power of the mind decreased we had to use the modes of speech, action and force.  No wonder we are all tired and fragmented.

push 2

So how to pull?  By envisioning, visualising and foreseeing what it is we wish to create, and then to water that seed of everyday with attention, love and good wishes.  To pull means to stay in your seat of self-respect.  To pull means to remind yourself that abundance is your birthright, and you are worthy to receive with ease.

When we look at the bigger picture and see the state of the world today there are many things we don’t like… and it would be very hard to change them all.  Instead we could pull towards us a better world by ‘being the change’ we would wish to see.  If more of us supported goodness rather than becoming bitter and angry about the bad, then this positive energy would ripple out in the world.

Next time you have the thought or a wish that you would like to see something greater and better than what is currently in front of you, don’t say or do anything… just hold that powerful, positive thought of what you want, together with the silent knowing that it will happen. And once you have planted the seed, water it with patience and faith and watch the fruit emerge.

It’s Time… to let go of labouring, knowing that the only effort we need to make to achieve or realise what we want in life is to believe in ourselves, and know that we are worthy of receiving it. Just plant the seed and have patience. It will blossom when the time is right.

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

It’s Critical Not to be Critical

It’s Critical Not to be Critical


Have you noticed how some people just seem to find fault in everything? You go out with someone and buy them coffee but the cup is just not big enough (or small enough) or the chairs around the table should be blue instead of green, or the flowers on the table are just not fresh! Some people have the habit of commenting on, and criticizing just about everything. What is it going to take to be positive and to look at the brighter side of life?

No one wants to spend a day with a critical person. If you have tried it you know just how it feels. When someone continues to find fault in you, or the objects around you, or the way you run your life, then you feel as though you want to run from them as fast you can. Commenting on a person’s possessions or circumstances is almost the same as insulting the person themselves.


Criticism is an expression of disapproval and always follows a judgment. It almost implies that our life needs a ‘performance review’ and in this case we have failed… at least in the eyes of the beholder! The fact is that criticism usually tells us more about the critic, than the receiver.

Critics are usually critical of most things and most people, usually because they are unhappy people and want to share their dissatisfaction with everyone else. Unfortunately their complaints will not change the world or other people, and so they will never be happy.

Critics have a time and place to carry out their ‘vocation’, but unsolicited advice, especially when delivered with an air of superiority, never goes down well. Knowing what to say, when, and where, and with whom, is an art. But if we have a tendency to be critical (and who isn’t, from time to time?) then the lesson we really need to learn is how to be happy with ourselves.

It is not our true nature to focus on the sad or bad. Focusing on the faults of the child will never make him or her grow up to be a ‘somebody’. Rather, he will always be seeking the approval of adults or peers even when he is in his rocking chair because that is how he has learned to measure ‘success’.

The soul blooms when there is love, acceptance and acknowledgement. It’s much nicer to be complimented than complained about. Take birthdays as an example; the day when your inbox is filled with good wishes and blessings from all over the world.  How do you feel?

Try taking a few moments every now and then to just see the goodness in all the things around you and all the people in your orbit at any given time. The critic can always find something to complain about in any situation, but it is really simply a point of view which is coming from a deep seated negative attitude, which can be shifted.


Even if you can see that something or someone needs improvement and can benefit from that, just try in that moment to accept the situation or the person… comment later if need be… but in that moment control your emotions, just try to expand your tolerance level, and increase your acceptance level. This very deed may help the other to seek guidance for improvement, or invite comments.  But moreover, you will feel better for keeping a positive vision. You will find your relationships will improve in leaps and bounds.

Anther major aspect to this whole exercise is to master the ability to remain quiet with the mind and the lips for a while, especially when I want to jump in or to react.  If my mind is like any unleashed dog that barks and bites at anything passing by then it means I do not have a grip on my mind or my tongue.

Learning to stay positive is a training we must give to the mind if we are to survive and not get stressed and stained by life. You may, for example, see the dry bare tree and think how ugly it is, but switch your thoughts to how momentous it is that the tree is still standing, and see its majesty instead. Someone may not get you exactly the gift you wanted, but at least they had the thought. Or, you may have a challenge with your colleague at work, but hey, think again, are YOU perfect? And would it really hurt to be co-operative rather than critical?

Treating ourselves more kindly and shifting our vision towards appreciation and gratitude for the people and things around us are the best antidotes for criticism. When I feel a sense of contentment within, then I don’t notice the little things around me that would otherwise bug me. And if I feel content with myself, then I am less likely to feel hurt by the criticism of others. Instead I can send them positive thoughts and good wishes, for they are the ones who are in need!

It’s time… to shift your mindset and take a positive view. Being critical is destructive and unproductive, so for your own good and the good of others… it’s critical not to be critical!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London



Building Spiritual Capacity

Building Spiritual Capacity

Living in a world where we have become too dependent upon expecting instant results, we have in the process lessened our capacity to adjust or accommodate. Fewer and fewer people are having the patience or fortitude to see things through with love and insight.

Building Capacity
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People’s tolerance levels are dropping fast and temper levels are on the rise. Very often waiting for the traffic lights to turn green makes some turn red with fury! If the telephone does not connect to someone half way around the world in ten seconds or less, we curse the phone lines or the internet company. When the ignition does not flick on the stove in an instant, it is we who get heated!

The above are just basic every day practical things.  Yet what about tolerating differing ideologies and beliefs?  We are quick to judge, hate or even kill because we cannot tolerate the other for who they are, or what they represent.

To be inflexible or obstinate is ego; the belief that I am right or that mine is the only way forward. If I am at least open and humble, I will be willing to stop, listen, and wait and welcome the outcome. I may even learn a thing or two. But when impatience gets the better of me, I develop a short fuse and the whole circuit breaks down!

A deeper, more subtle aspect to this ego is when I have impatience or intolerance in dealing with my own personality, and especially my negative habits. Because of not wanting to face or manage my own shortcomings, I instead strive to prove that I don’t really want anything, need anyone, or aspire to anything in life.

I feel that I am not good at conversation, and therefore I don’t need to speak to anyone.  Or I say no to golden opportunities that come my way for fear of failure, or my ego tells me that it is better not to try at all than to fail and be made to look a fool! But who am I fooling?

Avoidance means that I am not stretching my boundaries or limits, nor am I learning or growing. My fear, laziness, or selfishness is keeping me stuck. Building capacity is all about taking risks and pushing myself to go the extra mile, and not taking the easy way out by remaining firmly within my comfort zone. To build spiritual capacity, I have to take a deeper look at myself to see where it is that I have installed the ‘blinkers’ in my life and what I am refusing to deal with. Then I can progress.

Every day should pass with the feeling that I have learnt something new and grown from it. Even if my learning is just to see something in a new light or gain a new perspective, at least I have expanded my thinking. This cannot happen if I always believe that I am the one who is right and therefore no one can teach me anything.  I need to be open and engaging otherwise my capacity shrinks rather than expands.

Extending the capability and capacity of the soul is essential in order to deal with life in today’s world, but it requires a deep level of understanding and commitment of my own self-progress and well-being. Whatever situation I am faced with, I can ask myself – what can I learn from this? Why has this situation arisen in front of me (and not someone else?).  And when we really learn the lesson of humility, we may also ask, not only what can I take (learn) but also, what can I give (inspire)? I grow spiritually by giving. Even when, or you could say, especially when I think I am lacking something, then let me give initially. For example, I can’t receive love, or respect, until I give it first.

It’s not only about others being my teachers but I can learn from observing myself and the entire drama of life itself. Instead of cursing the traffic jam, I choose to use the time to slow down my racing mind. When you think that things have taken a turn for the worse then turn it around and find the benefit in the situation.  Let me curious instead of judgemental. Try cooperating with that colleague at work instead of resisting, and see what happens. It may not be comfortable, but you have just extended your capabilities to another level, and that will reap benefits for you in every area of your life.

It’s Time… to stretch our capacity, by dropping the ego and by accommodating and adjusting, being flexible and flowing. As we expand out of our comfort zone, we will truly feel we are living and not just living for ourselves. There is a lot life can teach me… if I am willing to learn.

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London





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